Friday, April 24, 2009

Stop! Poop Thief!

Ok, so what is the lowest of the low one can sink to? Stealing poop, maybe?
Well that's what I 'almost' sunk to today, for the sake of my little eisenia foetida composting worms.

I was riding my bike this beautiful Spring morning, and I passed by a large field where black angus beef are kept. There is a very sturdy fence around this field. I gazed longingly at the wonderful cow flops dappling the field, day dreaming about how much my compost bin worms would enjoy a treat of aged manure...
Then, I spied a nice cow patty that had been deposited right next to the fence wire! =8-D I could easily get my hand through and flip it right into the handy plastic bag I always carry in my saddle bag! Technically I would be stealing the poop, but I couldn't quite see myself winding up on the police blotter if I got caught, right?

But I was just at the beginning of my 13 mile ride, and I would be coming home the same way, so I decided to do the poo heist on my way home so I wouldn't have to haul it around for miles.
I got my come-uppence, though, because on the way back I slowed down there and searched for the poo pile with my name written all over it...and I couldn't find it again! I had to go home empty handed. :(

But as fate would have it, interesting developments were yet to come!

This afternoon I had to take one of my cats to the vet. As I pulled into the vet's parking lot, it dawned on me that the vet used to have some sheep she kept in back of her house! When she finished with my cat, I asked if I could have some sheep doo doo, and she said "Sure, take all you want!"

So I loaded up my bag and now I have some nice sheep doo treats to try out on my worms! Should add some good nutrients to their diet- for free, too!

Thank goodness I didn't have to stoop to poop looting.

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  1. Great story! I too would stoop to loot poop. But I might have been tempted to dump the sheep stuff right on my garden bed. A friend once gave my husband a huge bag of sheep poop for his birthday. One of the best gifts he's ever received.