Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Looking in on the worms-1st week

Well here is what I saw when I quickly lifted off the top of my worm bin to take a quick photo today. You have to work fast to take a picture, because about 10 seconds after the light hits them, the worms have zipped back into the bedding have mostly disappeared! Lively little rascals.
When I gently pulled back the corners of the bedding where I had buried kitchen scraps yesterday, I saw LOTS of them happily working away. Looks like they are doing well so far, and that is pretty thrilling for me. :)
About 8 worms had wandered up the interior sides of the next upper empty tray to hang out inside the roof/lid, but they don't seem to want to actually leave the bin, and they are not drying out, so I am letting them explore as long as they don't escape or get lost. They can freely go back down to the bedding when they want, it's easy enough for them to return through the open mesh tray bottoms.

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