Friday, April 10, 2009

The arrival of the Canadians....

Ok, my worms ordered from Bentley Christie in Ontario, Canada arrived safely this afternoon! :D
I must say I am totally bowled over by how many worms there were, and by how big, lively, and healthy they were. I think the pictures tell the story. I should add that the worms I put in the bowl in the photos were only half of the pile that arrived, since I divided them in two for my two trays already set up and running in my worm bin 'ranch'. The whole pile is shown lying in a heap on the table.
Here is where I ordered them from, in case anyone else in the Northeastern US or somewhere relatively near Ontario gets inspired to start their own worm composting system:

Again, Pearl was fascinated by the worm shipment arrival, and I had to keep tossing her off the table over and over during the proceedings... My friend Kelly came over to see the worms get unpacked. She is enthusiastic about them too, even though she doesn't have any worms...yet.

This is a lot of worms.

I think I have gotten over my initial hesitation about holding a pile of wriggling worms in my hands now.


  1. Those are great looking worms. How many pounds did you order?

    I checked out the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day blog this morning and LOVE it! Thanks for posting it here. I'm totally inspired now.


  2. Hi Jenn!
    I am still waiting for the Artisan Bread book to arrive- the wait is driving me nuts so I'm making a 'regular' kneaded yeast loaf every couple of days just to keep satisfied til the book comes. I bought it used on Amazon and it's coming via Media Mail so that takes a while.

    The Canadian worms from Bentley Christie were truly amazing- I only ordered one pound from him but it seemed like way more than that...and they were big, fat, and lively. I was bowled over. They are the eisenia fetida/red wrigglers.