Thursday, April 16, 2009

Food waste

Now that I am getting so into my worm composting thing....
Today my husband and had to go into 'Scary Material World' where the strip malls reign, to pick up my car from repairs. We stopped to have a bagel at one of those coffee/bagel/soup types know, where hip young people work on their laptops at almost every table and the aroma of hazelnut is in the air.
The lady making my bagel took a huge beautiful leaf of dark green ruffly romaine lettuce and simply yanked off about 1/4 of it that included the end of the stem and tossed it in the garbage. Oh! It pained me to see that lovely piece of worm food go to waste, with such a nice section of fresh dark green ruffles still attached to it...only to wind up rotting in a nasty toxic landfill!
It was all I could do not to ask to rummage in their garbage can, which I knew would probably not go over very well. My husband was amused by my pathetic worm angst.

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  1. I love your quote, "My husband was amused by my pathetic worm angst." My worm box is shipping today and hubby is already a little annoyed. The last couple years I've really gotten into recycling and especially this last year since there are more places available to drop it off. He has complied, but gets a little annoyed when he throws something in the garbage and I quietly go and take it back out for recycle.