Friday, April 10, 2009

First peek at how the worms are settling...

I put my first 1 pound of eisenia fetida 'red wriggler' composting worms from Vermont into the new Gusanito tiered tray bin just yesterday. I had to split the bedding and worms into two trays though, it was more good bedding than one tray could hold comfortably, and the worms were already mixed up in it.

This morning I was worrying about how my first worms were doing...were they too wet, too dry? They were not trying to escape the bin, but I had to look!...

I pulled back the upper loose shredded newspaper layer on both trays, poked around a bit in the darker damp peat moss/cardboard bedding, and was really THRILLED to see that my worms were actively working their way all throughout the material in both trays. They were wonderfully evenly distributed everywhere, tunneling their way around in the material, and they quickly retreated in a healthy active way when they got exposed. I took it as a good sign that they were not huddling in one area and did not seem to be avoiding any spots. Nor were any climbing up the sides of the trays.

They all look very happy and active, and seemed to be enthusiastically doing what worms should do!
I'm so excited and happy! :D

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