Thursday, June 4, 2009

Little garden is filling up....

I am still in the planning process for my new large vegetable garden, but in the meantime, my little tomato patch has become much more than just tomatoes now.
I rearranged the stone path to take up less space, and decided to use the spaces a little more intensively for quick growing greens and radishes.
I planted quite a few rows of new seed up and down along every single available space...lots of lettuce (leaf and romaine), 3 kinds of radishes (cherry red, white, and French Breakfast), bok choy, scallions, and more chard. Things are growing! The scallion and bok choy seeds have not popped up just yet, but I expect them to shortly. I think I've crammed in about as much as I can from the little garden. I plan to rotate the spots for lettuce and radishes as they get used up and need to be re-seeded every couple of weeks or so.

We've been eating leaf lettuce and chard in salads already (3 salads this past week!), and I'm now thinning radish seedlings. Today I saw a 1" toad hopping around under the lettuces.
I am so pleased with how much more I am growing (and hope to harvest) from my little space now! It's been about 20 years since I last grew my own lettuce, in Puerto Rico. Interestingly, the same variety- Black Seeded Simpson!

Here is a "Before" picture from almost a month ago.

And here are the new pictures from this morning:

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