Thursday, May 28, 2009

more veggie seeds...

I've been so excited by my new little rows of leaf lettuce sprouts and radish sprouts coming up in my small garden plot that I went and bought MORE seeds today and crammed some more things in real tightly wherever there were any bare spots.

I already had the regular red radishes sprouting up nicely from seed from 10 days ago- today I put in some new round pure white radishes and some long "French Breakfast" radishes. Also scallions, some dwarf upright romaine lettuce, and bok choy. Honestly, I'm hoping they can all grow so crammed in, but I did put plenty of organic fertilizer, there's enough sun, and I'm hoping the leaf lettuces and radishes will mature and get pulled and eaten quicker than some of the slower growing items, thus getting out of the way in time for when other plants get big. I am also trying to stagger the seedings so things don't all mature at the same time.

I read that radishes like some shade when summer starts getting hot, so I planted some rows close alongside the tomatoes as well. The tomatoes will get pruned and staked up but they'll still be big and will cast some shade over the radishes in a few weeks.

I had Blue Lake bush stringbeans and a few bush wax beans already planted, but today I bought some beautiful dark purple Italian pole beans and planted them near the fence on the ends and also on the empty trellises near the garage door, not in the garden at all. Last year I actually got good bush stringbeans producing heavily in that miserable hot dry location. I worked a little organic fertilizer in there as I planted the seeds.

In the garden I found quite a few baby earthworms in the dirt as I planted my seeds today- a good sign that they like the organic fertilizer I had hoed in several weeks before. The fertilizer is based on ground chicken poop, chicken feathers, and some added minerals. Yummy! :D The tomato plants seem to be really thriving after their first two weeks with it.

I am now VERY anxious to get my larger garden put in...still trying to get the excavator over here to set up the plan and get started.

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