Monday, June 8, 2009

Two semolina loaves

Yesterday I baked two loaves of semolina bread, side by side in cast iron Dutch oven pots in my oven. The loaves get lowered gently right on their sheets of parchment paper into the hot pots, and the lids are put on tightly during the first half of baking time to trap steam and produce a crispy golden crust. the parchment bakes right along with the bread and helps keep it from sticking to the pot. You can see here how the parchment 'bowls' look after baking in the Dutch ovens.

I topped one loaf with poppy seed, and one with sesame seed. Brushing with a water/cornstarch glaze before sprinkling on the seeds makes the seeds stick to the loaf.
They came out very nicely. I really like baking bread in the iron pots!

Both loaves have barely lasted through dinner and breakfast, what with company staying here overnight.

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