Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Little garden filling up...

Well things have certainly grown in two weeks since my last pictures!
The big hailstorm we had a couple days ago did shred some of the outer large lettuce leaves but the damage was less than I had feared. We ate most of the damaged leaves right away- and there is plenty more lettuce growing.
We are getting a lot of leaf lettuce now- more than we can eat really, and we're enjoying fresh salads almost every day.
The three varieties of radish are coming along nicely and we might get to eat some in another week or two. Lots of baby green tomatoes. This evening we had our first Swiss chard, stir-fried with rice and shrimp. I'm excited to see the romaine lettuce and the bok choy growing well too, though they are still small. The string bean bushes are getting lush and I had to trim back some of the leaves so they don't completely shade the developing radishes. I want to plant more scallions- the little row of green threads looks so pretty, but I want more scallions started! The only thing that has not been doing well is the cilantro. It has stayed small and keeps producing flowers rather than leaves. I may just yank it and plant more scallions there instead. Don't want to waste a single inch of space! Sort of like "square inch gardening" around here.... ;D

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