Friday, June 12, 2009

Our new kitty

We had a sad 6 weeks. Of our three beloved cats, 8 year old Lydia got kidney failure and died. Then a week after that, our 20 year old Ellie kitty began to fail and died. Both kitties passed away peacefully at home with us, within a month of each other, after about two weeks illness each. We did all that we could to save them and make them comfortable.
Things were pretty glum in the house, and poor Pearl kitty who was left (our 9 year old silver Maine coon cat) was understandably confused and worried, both her longtime companions having 'disappeared'.

We went to the animal shelters near us and carefully looked over all the kitties needing homes. After much consideration of various cats, we picked one to adopt into our family. She had been taken from an abuse situation, had been emaciated and sick with infections, and
the end of one ear had to be amputated. She recovered very nicely after weeks in the Humane Society shelter being nursed back to health and then spayed. We think she is between 2 and 3 years old, since she still had many kittenish characteristics.

We've named her Suki.
Suki has lifted our hearts completely and is such a sweet delight! She is the most affectionate cat I have ever known, giving face kisses and cuddling us all the time, following us around the house cheerfully. We have completely fallen under her spell. It's a very happy match for all of us!

Pearl and Suki are tolerating each other much better than I had anticipated, both cats adapting pretty quickly to each other. We are giving Pearl lots of extra loving, of course (poor Pearl has been through a lot the past couple of months).
We can also feel good about giving a desperate homeless cat from the Humane Society a good 'forever home'.
I hope you too consider adopting your next pet from your local Humane Society or animal shelter. If you can't adopt, then consider making a small donation to support the good work they do! Every little amount you can give helps eliminate the suffering of desperate innocent animals.

Welcome home, little Suki!


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your losses; losing such loyal and loving family members can be such a hard thing. Kudos to you both for visiting you local animal shelters and adopting a cat from the Humane Society. Both my wife and I are contributing members to our local HS, and all the dogs that I have owned over the years (including the three we have now)have been adopted from there. We have never had a bad one. I hope you and Suki have many wonderful years together.

  2. Welcome Suki. Looks like you did a wonderful job of adopting just the right humans. Take good care of them!