Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My 'tiger semolina' bread

I have been enjoying making bread so much lately that I now keep like two different batches of dough 'ripening' in the fridge at any given time, plus some sourdough starter. I happened to have both basic white dough and semolina dough in the fridge today, ready to go.

My loaves always seem to be fairly small, but my husband loves them anyway and they taste so good! So I just solve the issue for now by baking two at a time.

Today I pulled out a portion of my semolina dough, and also the basic white dough. I made a plain white boule (still our favorite) and a semolina loaf. I experimented with the semolina- traditionally, Italian semolina bread is topped with sesame seeds, but this time I used black sesame seeds. I envisioned that after slashing and it puffing up a bit in the oven it might look like tiger stripes, especially since the semolina flour is golden colored. As you can see it did indeed turn out very tiger-looking! So I'm naming that variation my "tiger semolina" bread.
What a pretty pair they make!

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