Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vegetable garden...June 1, 2010

A few photos of my vegetable garden on June 1st. (click on any picture to see a larger view) We have been eating an abundance of various lettuces and salad greens. The colors and textures are so beautiful on a cloudy morning...

A general view of the garden. Tomatoes and cucumber vines are staked all along the right side bed.

Borage in the foreground. Bees love the little star-like blue flowers. Veronica is blooming in the background.

Speckled trout back lettuce

Purple kohlrabi

Black seeded Simpson, and Red Deer Tongue in the foreground.

Front to back: Swiss chard, Red deer tongue, Black seeded Simpson, and scallions.

Spinach and cilantro.

French Breakfast radishes.

Pickling cucumbers.

Red deer tongue and Quatre Saisons lettuce.

From top left corner down: Bull's Blood beets, then lettuces romaine Tin-Tin, Speckled Troutback, Red deer tongue, and Quatre Saisons lettuce. (green lettuces on the right are unknown volunteers from last year.)

Nasturtium, worth growing just to look at the leaves.

Rouge Grenoble lettuce.

On the left, Buttercrunch lettuce.

One of my honeybees on the Veronica.

A Tri-colored bumblebee on Veronica blossoms.


  1. Great photos! I am growing much of the same veggies, but Im a good month behind you. Our salad greens are doing so well and for just the two of us, we cant eat it fast enough!

  2. Hi 1916,
    We too have way more salad greens than we can eat, and I often give some to friends. I like it that way! :)

  3. Your garden is absolutely fabulous. Mine is very tiny, I'm hoping to grow it a little each year. I'm pretty new to it all so I'm experimenting with what I'm planting (seeing what works and what doesn't or should I say what I'm good at planting and what I'm not. LOL!) Your photos are so perfect! I love your bumble bee pic. She (?) is beautiful!

  4. Hi Michelle,
    If you look back to last year in my blog, you'll see the tiny veggie garden I had for years before finally putting in this big one. I figured out how to get a lot of things growing in a very small space then! Every year I figure out better the things I can grow well and the things i should just forget about. ;) This year and last I have been experimenting with growing various interesting lettuces. I have high hopes for this year's tomatoes, since I have had bad luck for the past several years with them, but now they are in a new location *and* I have honeybees to pollinate them!

  5. Beautiful colors in the last two. I stumbled upon your blog while googling for beekeeping info. You are in my bee club! Best of luck for the winter.

  6. Hi Gina- what a nice surprise!
    We should really talk bees and gardening together!