Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My garden after a misty rain

I went out into my vegetable garden to take a few photos right after a morning rain. There was a beautiful intensity to the light, and everything was wet and sparkling. Click on any picture to see it bigger.

Purple kohlrabi.

I took a picture of this tiny yellow fly. It wasn't until I looked at the photo close up that I saw that it had pink eyes.

This is the beginning of a sunflower bud.

Variegated nasturtium leaves.

Kale leaves with rain drops.

One of my honeybees on a calendula blossom.

A ghostly dew-covered spiderweb on speckled lettuce.

This beautiful emerald green visitor comes by regularly. I think it is a small bee species, but I'm not quite sure yet.

My borage is starting to bloom. Twilight blue stars covered in diamonds.
I planted borage for the bees, so far it is attracting bumblebees.

'Divina butterhead' lettuce.

'Bull's Blood' beets.

'Quatre Saisons' French lettuce.

A purple finch made a nest right in a hanging basket of lobelia on our kitchen porch.
Sadly, when the eggs were only about a week old the nest was robbed and completely empty, and the mother finch had left. I suspect bluejays.


  1. Beautiful pictures. How much borage did you plant? If you catch the bees on it get the camera out. I was planning on planting some next year but I’ll wait to see how you make out. My bees are on basswood right now….and thistle, clover, and milkweed.

  2. The finch nest with eggs in the lobelia is a stunningly beautiful photo. Sad to hear the jays got the eggs.