Friday, February 22, 2013

my bees in Winter


This was not as good a winter for my bees as last year was, for sure- I have so far lost two of my four large hives. However, I was happy to see these two hives flying the other day during a brief warm spell! If they survive til Spring, I'll be splitting them into 4 hives just as soon as there are drones flying. Hope springs eternal!


  1. How many people "get" your name, Strumelia? I love it! And it shares with us what you like to show yor talents in. Thanks for what you do so generously.

  2. I'm sorry you lost two of your hives, as it turns out bees are more precious (and vital to our environment) than I previously thought.

    Recently, I read something about bees "disappearing" here in the Americas, likely caused by some kind of fungus spray. Let's hope the coming winter will not be too harsh on your bees.