Friday, July 24, 2009

Two kinds of sprouts this week

Here are some dark green broccoli sprouts on the right, and some 'sandwich mix' sprouts I tried out. This is simply a produce storage container for the fridge- not what the sprouts grew in. I grew the mixed sprouts in a sprout mason jar, and the broccoli sprouts in a tray, on a little piece of clean towel. I have to learn to start with less seed- my jars get a little too jam packed with sprouts towards the end! It's hard to believe how little seed you really need to get a whole jar full of sprouts.


  1. This picture like all the other pictures in your blog is sharp and clear.

  2. I do a lot of sprouting too. I use 2 medium sized Mason jars. I try to keep one jar about 1/2 filled with a crop almost ready to eat while the other jar has a fresh crop just starting. That way I always have fresh sprouts available. And I agree that it's so surprising how little seed you need (if you're feeding just two that is). I'm interested in exactly how nutritious various types of seeds are. Do you have a good source for that kind of information?